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As an independent Assistive Technologist with experience of both working within and as an external consultant for Local Authorities and NHS; I can offer a local bespoke service in developing and writing up strategies for Telecare, Telehealth, Home Environmental Control and other AT,  through to implementation and recruitment of staff.

I have some 20 years management and practical experience in this area, including assessing clients for a wide range of assistive technology, managing a large mobility showroom and Lifestyle Centre together with many years undertaking project management work developing, writing up  and implementing strategies around AT, including setting up of Pilots to develop systems, pathways and general integration as well as evaluating outcomes. This provides me with the necessary wide experience and background to assist organizations to develop and integrate this technology as part their overall care approach pathway, allowing clients to remain longer and independent within their own home and to provide access to quality cost – effective services both within local social organisations as well as signposting clients to a variety of self-funded services to help them remain independent with a better quality of life.

As a very much a hands on person; the development and building of effective working relationships with key Partners across statutory and voluntary sectors is the key to providing an integrated and sustainable Telecare or any other service, as is overcoming an often embedded organization culture and getting engagement of frontline staff through greater awareness and training. Development of personal budgets allows choice and freedom to the user in how they want to manage their care and will require the development of and signposting to good quality services, especially with self-funders who do not qualify through the FACS route.

Assistive Technology will be a crucial element in enabling reablement and supporting independence within the home, it will play a key role in helping to manage the increasing strains on financial and human resources within the statutory sector. Signposting to Third and Private Sector AT services for self-funders will also be very important, as budget strains begin to take effect necessitating statutory providers to develop and recognise alternative quality services to enable users to find the appropriate AT equipment and service level to match their needs.

I undertake product and service reviews for both the Third and Private Sectors, develop business to business sales and relationships.

I work closely with and on behalf of manufacturers and developers of AT. For example, in the past I have worked closely with and on behalf of a Finnish manufacturer over a number of years. They have designed and produced an innovative award winning stand alone Stove Guard Safety System which monitors the potential of cooker top fires, it sounds an alert then takes preventative action. The integrated Stove Guard Cooker Safety System Kit incorporates an Intelligent Sensor monitoring the cooking activities on the hob that sends a radio signal to a Stove Guard switch connected between the cooker cable and the supply cable. If it detects an abnormal rate of rise or high temperature it will send a radio signal to the Stove Guard cut off switch to turn off the supply to the cooker, thereby cutting off the source of ignition, it can link with a Telecare Lifeline if required.

This has involved setting up meetings with London Fire Brigade and Dept. of Communities and Local Government to determine requirements suitable for the UK market both as a retro-fit and for future standard installation within cooker appliances. These products are now in production as a retrofit solution and Innohome have supplied the stand alone Stove Alarm to several Fire Rescue Services who have distributed them to vulnerable people as part of their Community Safety Programme initiatives. The Stove Guard System is also being used in various scenarios to address unattended cooking including: Housing Associations, vulnerable people living independently in their own home, kitchens in student accommodation, wherever there is a potential risk of fire through cooking in the domestic environment.

Stove Guard System

We have held successful live trials in conjunction with Fire and Rescue Services and  Housing Associations and now supply a wide cross section of organisations who need to support users to maintain the essential daily living activity of cooking to remain independent within their own home. In 2014 Innohome won two National ‘Innovation of the Year’ awards. In 2015 we were shortlisted for another active category Innovation of the Year award by IFSEC – a national security and fire sector industry association, the winner was announced at a Gala Dinner at the London Hilton on November 24th 2015.

Universities have been showing an increasing interest in this system for use in student kitchens, a number have already purchased systems and many more are showing interest.

In 2014, I managed to successfully apply for and win two National Innovation of the Year Awards on behalf of my client.

In 2015, we were finalists in the IFSEC Active Fire Innovation Award category, winner was announced at the Hilton Gala Dinner 24th November.

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